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Matka Nordic Travel Fair

Дата проведения: 20 - 22 января 2023 г.
Место проведения: Хельсинки, Финляндия
Контакты: Тел.: +358 40 450 3250
E-mail: customer.service@messukeskus.com
Сайт: https://matka.messukeskus.com/?lang=en

Matka is the largest travel fair in Northern Europe, which brings together almost 1000 travel organizers, destinations and tourism organizations from over 80 countries! Our program features lectures and presentations about latest travel and tourism themes and will help you choose your next destination. Our exhibitors offer you a wide range of destinations to choose from with tempting and memorable packages, flights, accommodations and last minute offers. You can also visit Caravan -event with the same ticket.

At Matka Nordic Travel Fair one can find the trip you want, whether one dreams of a city destination or a beach holiday in the direction of Kuopio or Kathmandu. Alongside the standard favourites in Finland and Europe, long-haul destinations and new countries will be introduced. Choices on all continents are presented. Various programme stages present a tasty selection of travel stories, but they also offer solid facts.

Hundreds of stands at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair contribute to the theme. There will be competitions, destination tips and travel offers. The Licence to Travel theme is also viewed from the responsibility perspective: whose promises can be trusted, so that one’s own travel is sustainable and does not burden the environment or local cultures.

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