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TourBusiness (Travel Trade Russia)
Magazines for the Russian Travel & Tourism Industry
Media Information 2015

1. General Information

2. MagazineTourbusiness

3. Advertising Rates

4. Special Forms of Advertising

5. Direct Mail Advertising

6. Standard Formats

7. Publication Plan

8. Online

9. The Online Academy, an online quiz

10. Special-subject Issues

11. TourBusiness Workshops Calendar

1. General Information

Uniting the tour business of Russia

The publishing house “Tour Business” represents 16 brands of information, publishing and marketing activities. PH "Tour Business" produces five magazines: “Tour Business”, “Business Travel”, “Five stars”, “Destinations”, “Tour Business in the North-West” and the annual catalogue "Russia. Congress services".

PH "Tour Business" incorporates a few large online projects: the portals,,,,, ,, professional newsletters, Online-academy and quizzes. PH "Tour Business" is the pioneer in many endeavors at the market: in 1998 it was the first that started to organize workshops in regions of Russia, released the first Russian magazine on business tourism, established Russian Business Travel & MICE Award.

PH "Tour Business" is well known as the organizer of workshops in regions of Russia. In 16 years 400 workshops were held in 42 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

The youngest department of the company is TB-Events formed three years ago. Over that time, the department has organized two dozen conferences, educational days, training seminars for travel companies and hotels in Moscow and regions.

Partners and Clients:

The Chamber of Commerce of Russian Federation

The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
The Committee on Tourism of the city of Moscow
ANTOR (the Association of National Tourist Offices)
ATA (the Alliance of Travel Agencies)
National Tourist Offices

Regional officesof Tourism

Insurance companies

Exhibition companies

Tour Operators

Hotels.Hotel complexes

Payment systems

Transportation companies:

Reservation Systems

HoReCa segment

2. Magazine Tourbusiness

TourBusiness (Travel Trade Russia) is an independent monthly magazine, which serves Russian travel companies. It publishes important and detailed information on the main aspects of travel business: transport, hotel service, insurance, tourist formalities, aspects in legislation, licensing, certification, taxation, financial service, IT etc. In each issue − hot news of Russian and International travel markets, statistics and analytic surveys for specialists in tourism.

Distribution Russia

Circulation 10000 copies (travel agencies, tour operators, transport operators, insurance companies, hotels, tourist associations, local tourist boards and travel related companies)

TourBusiness Target Group

Travel agencies/Tour operators - 93%

Hotels - 1,5%

Transport companies - 1,9%

Regional Tourist Boards - 1,1%

Insurance companies - 0,2%

Others - 2,3%

Frequency: twice a month (including special-subject issues)

Address: Suvorovskay sq. 2, bld. 3, Moscow, Russia, 129110

Postal Address: P.O. Box 32,107031 Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 495 723-72-72

Fax: +7 495 723-72-72


Director General Ivan Kalashnikov

Chief Editor Tina Kataeva

Chief Editor of Special Issues Alexander Popov

Website Editor Mikhail Shugaev

Advertising Department Director Olga Grishina

Workshop Department LudmilaSivova

Circulation Department Larisa Tarasyuk

3. Advertising Rates

Format 4c

1/1 page €3600

Junior Page €2400

1/2 page €1900

1/3 page €1300

1/4 page €990

1/6 page €680

1/8 page €470

2/1 Bleed €5990


2nd Cover €4200

3rd Cover €3600

4th Cover €4800

1st Cover

Corner €860

1st page

Banner under

content,1/8 €730


2-4 publications x 5%

5-7 publications x 10%

More than 7 publications x 15%

Arrangement of advertisement in the certain place – No surcharge.

Bleed − No surcharge

Advertising deadline – 20 days prior to publication date.

Contacts: Olga Grishina, Olga Maltseva,


Phone: +7 495 723-72-72

All rates in Euro. VAT 18% is not included.

Current prices are valid since January 1, 2015.

4. Direct Mail Advertising

Loose Inserts, Catalogues, Invitations, Newsletters etc.

Address Data Base contents: 20,000 Russian companies

– Travel agencies

– Tour operators

– Transport companies

– Insurance companies

– Hotels, congress centres

– Foreign tourist boards

– Russian regional tourist boards

– Corporate clients.

Delivery list

Selection of delivery addresses:

– Regions

– Cities

– Activity of companies

– Travel agency / tour operator

– Year of foundation etc.

Cost of delivery with TourBusiness Magazine

Costs: 10 rubles (weight – up to 20 g)

Additional inserts: costs shall be increased on 4 rubles per additional 20 g.

Additional inserts: costs shall be increased on 2 rubles per additional attachment.

Cost of delivery in convert (weight – up to 20 g):

Envelope A4 format:40 rubles

Envelope A5 format:50 rubles

VAT 18% is not included.

Aditional Information of direct mail service:

Larisa Tarasyuk

Tel.: +7 495 723-72-72


5. Standard Formats

2/1 page

Bleed size 440 x 280 mm

2/1 page

420 x 235 mm

1/1 page

Bleed size 220 x 280 mm

1/1 page

197 x 235 mm

Junior Page

Bleed size 160 x 235 mm*

Junior Page

147 x 180 mm

2/3 page

Bleed size 132 x 280 mm*

1/2 page

Bleed size 220 x 135 mm*

1/2 page

197 x 117 mm

1/2 page

147 x 158 mm

1/2 page

Bleed size 106 x 280 mm*

1/2 page

96 x 235 mm

1/3 page

Bleed size 220 x 90 mm*

1/3 page

197 x 100 mm

1/3 page

147 x 102 mm

1/3 page

Bleed size 81 x 280 mm*

1/3 page

71 x 235 mm

1/4 page

Bleed size 220 x 66 mm*

1/4 page

Bleed size 56 x 280 mm*

1/4 page

46 x 235 mm

1/4 page

96 x 115 mm

1/6 page

197 x 39 mm

1/6 page

96 x 77 mm

1/6 page

71 x 115 mm

1/8 page

197 x 30 mm

1/8 page

46 x 115 mm

1/8 page

96 x 58 mm


All sizes are shown: widthx height

* Formats for advertisement with bleed + 5 mm allowance for cutting on the outer edges.

Other formats on request.

6. Publication Plan



In the focus: Tour industry barometer

Bank services

Central Europe

Winter Sun

Culinary tourism



Saxony. The theme issue


Singapore. The theme issue



The Catalogue"Russia. Congress services"(the 11-th edition)


Cologne,health. The theme issue


Spain. The theme issue



The special issue for the exhibitions InTourMarket and MITT-2015

In the focus:Operators and agents

Cruise market

Southern Europe

China, Macau, Hong Kong

Education abroad



In the focus: Holiday in Russia

Payment systems

Eastern Europe

South Korea, Japan

Event tourism



In the focus:Mediterranean sea


Northern Europe

EmiratesandArabic Middle East




In the focus: Beaches of the world

River cruises


Northern Africa

Health tourism


Bavaria. The theme issue


July – August

In the focus:Regions of Russia

Booking systems

Middle East


Thermal resorts


Valed'Aosta. The theme issue



Technologies. The theme issue



The special issue for the exhibition Leisure-2015

In the focus: The results ofthe summer season

Insurance in tourism

Cruises: exotic itineraries

Southeast Asia




In the focus:Market competiveness



Hong Kong, Singapore

Weekend tours


Travel for health. The theme issue.

Russia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France,Benelux, Spain, Italy, Greece, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latin America, Thailand, Malaysia,Singapore, Vietnam,China, Indonesia /Bali, Sri Lanka, Maldives, India /Goaand Kerala, Seychelles, Mauritius, Israel, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Cuba, French Polynesia, the Canary Islands, the Baltic states



In the focus: Hotel business

Searching systems


Latin America

Islandsof the Indian Ocean/ Maldives, Seychelles

Bazaars andOutlets



In the focus: Transportation Services

Year-round resorts


Islandsof the Atlantic Ocean/ the Canaries, Bahamas

Russian winter

7. Online Advertisement is TourBusiness magazine’s web portal. It is addressed aa broad scope of users – from top-level industry decision makers to travel agency sales staff. Innovative forms of advertising and PR ensure client attention and interaction. In combination with TourBusiness magazine offers an essential cross-media advertising platform in the Russian tourism industry.

Rates and Formats

Ad Type


in Pixel


In euro/per month

XXL Banner



Full Banner #1



HalfBanner #1



FullBanner #2



HalfBanner #2



FullBanner #3



FullBanner #4









All sizes are shown: width x height

Technical requirements:JPG, GIF, Flash - till 40 KB

VAT 18% is not included.

Special Forms of Advertising


Advertorial interviews with chiefs of tour operator’s companies, hotels, transport companies, NTOs, IT-companies etc. Usually includes about 10-15 questions and answers. Interview’s banner placed on the main page of web-site.

Price: 450 euro/2 weeks

Master Class

The sectioncoversspecific issuesasselling toursfor various destinations ortypes ofleisure andfinanciallegal and otheraspects of thetravel agencies. This section gives the opportunity of presenting new companies programs and products, catalogs, seminars, etc.

Price: 450 euro/2 weeks

Events Announcement

It includes detailed information about the event: dates,venue, subjects,audience, conditions of participation,visitors registration etc.

Announcement at the main page (in a month of event) and at Events calendar (during the year)

Price: 90 euro

Company news

Publishing news of tour operator’s companies, hotels, NTOs etc.

It includes news, logo, contact details.

Price: 60/1 news

50/1 news (Publishing over 5 news)

Announcement at TourBusiness Newsletter

It includes hot daily news of Russian and International travel markets.

Circulation: more than 13,000 addresses

Distribution: Russian travel agencies, tour operators and travel related


Size of Announcement:no more than 1000characters, including spaces.

Frequency: daily


75 euro – 5 announcements

130 euro – 10 announcements

Banners in TourBusiness Newsletter

Size of banner 65080 pixel


75 euro – 5 issues

130 euro – 10 issues

VAT 18% is not included.


Olga Grishina, Olga Maltseva, Anastasia Pshenichnaya


Tel.: +7 495723-72-72

Current prices are valid since January 1, 2015

8. The Online Academy, an online quiz

The Online Academy

The upgrade of professional level of managers of travel agencies concerning particular destination as well as the attraction of attention to a given travel product. Upon successful completion of education in the Online Academy its participants may get a diploma of certified specialist of the destination in question.

The education period - from 3 to 6 months.
The cost – from 9500 euro

Online quiz
It enables You to raise the level of interest among visitors to a particular tourist destination both due to the information published on a given country / region / resort and raffle prizes from the company that is commissioning a quiz.
The period of a quiz – from 1 to 2 months.
The cost – from 2900 euro

9. Special-subject Issues

Special Subject Issues of TourBusiness Journal and Supplements are issued monthly.

Circulation: Together with TourBusiness Journal by travel agencies, tour operators, local tourist boards and travel related companies, Moscow and regional exhibitions and workshops.

February Saxony

February Cologne. Tourism

March Cologne. Health

March Sweden

March Catalog Russia. Congress services

June Summer card travel

July Bavaria

August Valle d’aosta

September Technology

October Journey for healthh

Special Subject Issues’ Editor − Alexander Popov

Information about the participation:

Information about advertisement:

Olga Grishina, Olga Maltsceva,

Tel: +7 495 723-72-72, e-mail:

Advertising deadline − 25 days prior to Special Subject Issue publication date.

10. TourBusiness Workshops Calendar

TourBusiness workshops –are professional (b2b) meetings between Moscow and International touroperators, hotels, the represantatives of National tourism offices with regional travel agencies and companies, held before the winter and summer seasons in Russian and CIS countries. TourbusinessWorkshop distinguish by time portability, high business meetings intension (more than150- 200 people in each town), practic roadshow format and different presentation opportunites.

Since 1998, Workshop tourist industry organized more 400 business meetings in 42 cities of Russia, CIS countries and Europe

The springseries of the regionalworkshops by TourBusiness covers 30 cities. The series will be run fromMarch 10 to April 28, 2015.

March 10-13 Togliatti - Ulyanovsk - Penza New - Saratov

March 16-17 Izhevsk - Naberezhny Chelny New
March 16-17 Veliky Novgorod New –Petrozavodsk New
March 23-27 Volgograd - Rostov-on-Don - Krasnodar - Stavropol - Pyatigorsk
March 30 - April 03 Perm - Ufa - Samara - Kazan - Nizhny Novgorod
April 6-9 Surgut - Tyumen - Kurgan New - Chelyabinsk
April 13-17 Omsk – Barnaul New - Kemerovo New - Krasnoyarsk-Irkutsk
April 22-23 Baku - Tbilisi
April 28 Yerevan New

Cost of participation in the workshop:

RUSSIA - 375 euro, BAKU, TBILISI - 475 euro

Rates are indicated per one city and excluding 18%VAT

Additional services:

- delivery of materials to the cities of workshop (1,1 euro/per kg)

- accommodation packages: 125 euro per 1 city, incl. transfers

- advertising in workshop catalogue (200 euro/ 1 page)

- distribution of brochures during workshop: 170 euro per 1 city

- individual presentations for companies, based in Russia and CIS

Bonus participants:

free placement of text information about the company in the magazine tourist industry 1/6 of the band with the company logo

Department workshop

Head of Department: Lyudmila Sivova:

Managers of the Department: Christina Sivova:

Evgenia Shumanskaya:

Elena Arkhipova:

(495) 723-72-72


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