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TourBusiness (Travel Trade Russia)
Magazines for the Russian Travel & Tourism Industry

Uniting the tour business of Russia

The publishing house Tour Business represents 16 brands of information, publishing and marketing activities. PH "Tour Business" produces five magazines: Tour Business, Business Travel, Five stars, Destinations, Tour Business in the North-West and the annual catalogue "Russia. Congress services".

PH "Tour Business" incorporates a few large online projects: the portals,,,,, ,, professional newsletters, Online-academy and quizzes. PH "Tour Business" is the pioneer in many endeavors at the market: in 1998 it was the first that started to organize workshops in regions of Russia, released the first Russian magazine on business tourism, established Russian Business Travel & MICE Award.

PH "Tour Business" is well known as the organizer of workshops in regions of Russia. In 16 years 400 workshops were held in 42 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

The youngest department of the company is TB-Events formed three years ago. Over that time, the department has organized two dozen conferences, educational days, training seminars for travel companies and hotels in Moscow and regions.

Partners and Clients:

The Chamber of Commerce of Russian Federation

The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
The Committee on Tourism of the city of Moscow
ANTOR (the Association of National Tourist Offices)
ATA (the Alliance of Travel Agencies)
National Tourist Offices

Regional officesof Tourism

Insurance companies

Exhibition companies

Tour Operators

Hotels.Hotel complexes

Payment systems

Transportation companies:

Reservation Systems

HoReCa segment

Magazine Tourbusiness

TourBusiness (Travel Trade Russia) is an independent monthly magazine, which serves Russian travel companies. It publishes important and detailed information on the main aspects of travel business: transport, hotel service, insurance, tourist formalities, aspects in legislation, licensing, certification, taxation, financial service, IT etc. In each issue − hot news of Russian and International travel markets, statistics and analytic surveys for specialists in tourism.

Distribution Russia

Circulation 10000 copies (travel agencies, tour operators, transport operators, insurance companies, hotels, tourist associations, local tourist boards and travel related companies)

TourBusiness Target Group

Travel agencies/Tour operators - 93%

Hotels - 1,5%

Transport companies - 1,9%

Regional Tourist Boards - 1,1%

Insurance companies - 0,2%

Others - 2,3%

Frequency: twice a month (including special-subject issues)

Address: Suvorovskay sq. 2, bld. 3, Moscow, Russia, 129110

Postal Address: P.O. Box 32,107031 Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 495 723-72-72

Fax: +7 495 723-72-72


Director General Ivan Kalashnikov

Advertising Department Director Olga Grishina

Workshop Department LudmilaSivova

TourBusiness Magazine

The plan of publications in the year 2017


January - February

Release on February 5

In the spotlight: Inbound tourism

GTO: 20 years in Russia

Dynamic packaging

Israel, Spain

Excursion tours in Crimea



Release on

March 10

The special issue to Intourmaket and MITT-2017 exhibitions

In the spotlight: The cruise market

Insurance in tourism

B2B booking systems

Thailand, South Korea, China




Release on

April 15

In the spotlight: Health tourism

Contracting in tourism


Croatia, Montenegro

Northern Africa (Tunisia, Morocco)



Release on May 15

In the spotlight: Crimea and Krasnodar region

Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan

Balearic Islands

Serbia, Slovenia

Wedding tours


June July

Release on July 15

In the spotlight: The bestsellers of the summer season (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria)

Legislation in tourism

Travel startups

Mediterranean Islands

Excursion tours in Europe (Baltic states, Poland)



Release on August 30

Technologies. The themed issue


August - September

Release on September 20

The special issue to Otdykh-2017 exhibition

In the spotlight: Import substitution in tourism

Qualification upgrade in tourism

Thailand, Vietnam

Israel, Jordan

Cruise reservation systems



Release on

October 20

In the spotlight: Alpine Skiing

Health tourism, wellness and spa

Insurance in tourism

Caribbean region (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico)

Malaysia, Singapore


November December

Release on November 30

In the spotlight: IT-technologies in tourism

Marketing in tourism

Canary Islands

UAE and Arabic Middle East

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan


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